Satelite Symposium


Saturday, 26 August 2017
15:30 - 17:00
Tripoli-Village 8

CHAIRS: Frans Van de Werf (BE) and Valeria Caso (IT)




1. Introduction

Frans Van de Werf (BE)

2. Acute Stroke Therapy 2017: Perspective from the European Stroke Organisation

Valeria Caso (IT)

3. Clinical importance of a STEMI network and pharmaco-invasive treatment

Robert Welsh (CA)

4. Experience from acute ischaemic stroke reperfusion strategies

Carlos Molina (ES)

5. STEMI and stroke networks: Experience from the North of France

Patrick Goldstein (emergency physician, FR)
Gilles Lemesle (cardiologist, FR)
Didier Leys (neurologist, FR)
Jean-Pierre Pruvo (neuroradiologist, FR)

6. Networks and reperfusion strategies for STEMI and acute stroke: interactive discussion session Co-moderators:

Paul Armstrong (CA) and Frans Van de Werf (BE)
Participants: Patrick Goldstein (FR), Didier Leys (FR), Carlos Molina (ES), Peter Sinnaeve (BE), Robert Welsh (CA)

7. Summary and future perspectives
Paul Armstrong (CA) and Valeria Caso (IT)



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